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iLax Indoor League

2020 Season: Has been canceled due to Covid-19.  The Ice Den is not laying turf this summer. We hope to be back next year!

2019 Season: Monday nights June 24-July 29th (skipping July 15th)

iLAX is an indoor 7v7 box lacrosse summer league. Open to 4 divisions: Youth (3rd-5th), Middle School (6th-8th), High School and Adult. If you are a youth or MS player, you can register as an individual, be placed on a team or create your own team. All other divisions will create your own teams and register. Next league will start June 18-July 30th, 2018 on Monday nights.


Ice Den

9375 East Bell Road.

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Monday nights- all games will most likely be between the times of 5 pm-9:30pm. Game schedules for teams will be sent out prior to start of league. We typically start with the younger divisions first.


  • Youth (3rd-5th)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult
  • Graduating seniors may play in either the High School or Adult divisions

How to Register:

Youth Registration

  • Grades 3rd - 5th
  • Click Here - For full season - $100 per player + $15 jersey

Middle School Individual Registration

  • Grades 6th -8th
  • Click Here - For full season -$100 per player + $15 jersey

If you want to have your own team contact to set this team up first. We will add a drop down for your players to select so they are registered on a team already vs putting them on a team.

TEAM REGISTRATIONS: Middle School, High School + Adult TEAM Registration

Limited Team Slots Available Per Division - First Come First Serve! There will be a waitlist after.

An Adult Team Manager is required per team.

You will register and pay individually. There will be a two-step process. You will need to first have an adult team manager set up your team by going to the following link : MANAGER TEAM SETUP LINK. This will tell us your team name, adult team manager contact info, and your jersey color. We will then need to manually add your team name to a drop down list in the player registration link (please email if you don't see your team name added so we can do this step for you). You can then tell the rest of your teammates to register and pay using the below links and select your team name. Once they have registered you will see the players names on your team roster. Go to TEAM tab -> iLAX -> TEAM NAME and then click on rosters on the top left side. Your team manager will also be listed should your team have any questions.

Only AFTER your team managers has completed the first step, then all players on your team will then click the link below to register. If you did not do the first step, your team name will not show until we have updated this and you should not complete registration.

  • Click Here - For High School Division -$100 per player
  • Click Here - For Adult Division -$100 per player


If you are subbing for a team that needs you, please fill out the sub link. You will need to know the team name you are subbing for and select the sub dates you are needed. Cost is $20/day to sub. You may sub multiple times that day if needed.

  • Click Here - For High School Division Sub link
  • Click Here - For Adult Division Sub link

HOUSE TEAM (Individual) Player Registration

NO TEAM, NO PROBLEM! The HOUSE TEAM is made up of individual players that could not find a permanent team to play on. At this time we do not have a house team set up. Should we find that we need more teams we will activate this link below. For now just select "Place Me On A Team" on the registration.

  • Adult House Team: Click here (Not activated at this time).
  • High School House Team: Click here (Not activated at this time).
  • For questions about House Team please email

How to set up a team:

  • STEP 1: Designate an adult team manager for your team and get 8-12 players (including a goalie) that want to play. Come up with a team name and team color for jerseys. (Note: You will need to supply your own jerseys).
  • STEP 2: The Team Manager must register your team (or you must know all your team manager's info) under the "REGISTER TEAMS" tab CLICK HERE. Limited slots are available for each division so act fast as this is a first come, first serve. Registration for teams close June 1.
  • STEP 3: After the team is registered we will add the team name to the registration drop down list so it will show when all players register. Please make sure they know their team name to select so they are placed on the correct roster. Every player must also have a current USL membership to play.
  • STEP 4: Team Manager must also email the full team roster to by June 8th.


  • Teams shall consist of 8-12 players per roster. There must be at minimum of 7 field players and 1 goalie on a roster.
  • Teams will be responsible for their own uniforms. Teams must register their team color and have numbers on front and back (homemade jerseys are acceptable. We prefer to have all jerseys with regulation numbers-- size 6 inches on front and 8 inches on back).
  • Teams may be allowed to use sub-players. However, these players must register PRIOR to game day and cost is $20 per day. Teams are responsible to provide a full team on game days so please keep track of attendance so you can plan accordingly.
  • A goalkeeper from another team may substitute for a team missing its goalkeeper but still needs to pay the $20 sub fee.
  • All teams are required to have an adult team manager on the bench at all times. Teams may "self-coach" but every team must have an adult on the bench. Adult player/managers are acceptable. Each team must also provide a scorekeeper to run the scoreboard should we need them.
  • All teams are required to designate a Team Manager. The Team Manager may be a player if they are an adult, and will be responsible for all league correspondence, providing the team roster to by June 8th, making sure all players are individually registered, contacting team members about league issues, changes in schedule or league rule changes, is the contact for any disputes within the league, with another team or with DHL, and will be the team contact for the dissemination of league information throughout the season. The Team Manager should designate themselves as such on the registration form and team roster.
  • All Team Managers must send in a complete list of players on their team roster before June 8th.

Team Play:

  • 7 field players + 1 goalie are allowed on the playing surface including 2 attack, 3 midfield, 2 defense and 1 goalie for each team.
  • Substitutions are made on the fly from the midline bench area and may be made at anytime during play. Subs must wait until the player is completely off the field. Please no sitting on the wall prior to subbing or after.


  • Game time: Games are 30 minute running clock
  • Time outs: no time outs are allowed.
  • The Draw: there will only be one draw at the start of the game. After each goal the goalie will have 10 seconds to clear the ball.
  • All USL Rule 6 game rules apply, except Section 7. Team Fouls/Offsides: teams must have 3 players behind the half field line when the ball is in their offensive end, and must have two players behind the half field line when the ball is in their defensive end.
  • Penalty Administration and Cards: ALL USL Rule 7 Rules apply, except Section 31, all components of the rule apply except the 2-min penalty time is releasable if the opposing team scores.
  • No out of Bounds - the ball is always in play. There are some circumstances where it may come out of play and we will use USL rules to restart.
  • Overtime: There will be no overtime, games can end in a tie.


  • Each team will defend a 4x4 lacrosse goal.


  • All players must be fully equipped with goggles and mouth guard. Indoor turf or tennis shoes only, no cleats allowed. Goalies must have helmet, throat guard, chest protector, girdle, gloves, shin guards (youth and HS only) and mouth guard.


  • There will be at least one official on the field at all times. All calls by the officials are final. There are no arguing calls.
  • Referees will have the power to remove any player from the field or facility for any reason.

Code of Conduct:

  • It is expected that all players, fans, managers, parents and officials will conduct themselves in a manner that is based on sportsmanship, safety and respect. Players must adhere to the following code of conduct to stay in good standing:
  • Show respect for officials, managers, fellow players, officials, and the league.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after games.
  • Honor the authority of each official and treat him/her with respect. Accept decisions made by the officials as final.
  • Respect the game, play fairly and follow its rules and regulations.
  • Respect the privilege of the use of public facilities.

Ice Den Rules: CLICK HERE.

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